Manage your Sprintly account from your favorite Apple iOS or Android Device.

  • Responsive Design

    Whether you have a Mobile Phone or Tablet, you'll be managing your Sprintly tasks in no time.

  • Fully Supported

    We've worked hard to make sure you'll have all the power of Sprintly, without compromising on design.

  • Offline Access

    SprintSee uses your devices storage engine to make sure your data is available, even if your Internet is not.

  • Sprintly Access

    With a click of a button, SprintSee connects you to your Sprintly account using your API Key.

  • Advanced Features

    With our powerful Search Engine, you will quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Multiplatform

    SprintSee is built from the ground up to work on Android & iOS Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Demo Video

Here's a quick video showcasing our Mobile Sprintly App on a Tablet

What is Sprintly ?

Make Beautiful Products

Sprintly is an Agile, B2B SaaS Application tool created to power a more productive relationship between development teams and their management. By designing Sprintly to be more transparent, flexible and usable than competitive products, cross-functional teams can reliably deliver higher quality software products.


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